Tulsi Ka Patta or Tulsi Leaves

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Tulsi Ka Patta or Tulsi Leaves
Tulsi plant play important role in rituals even in daily pujas. It has been mentioned in Skandapuran that some of the drops of nector fell on the earth during the process of Samudramanthan. Tulsi was formed out of them. It was handed over to Shri Vishnu by Shri Brahma. The leaves of the tulsi plant are important in worship. They are superior even to fragrant flowers. Flowers are fragrant only when they bloom. But every part of the tulsi plant has fragrance. Its seeds, It leaves, Its stem, Its roots, all have fragrance. Even the soil in which it is planted acquires the fragrant smell of the plant. All we need to do is to use a single tulsi leaf in worship. Nothing will please Lord Naryana more . using tulsi leaves in worship will bring prosperity.
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