Bhoomi Pujan Samagri

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Bhoomi Pujan Samagri
When we want to raise a building or till the land for agriculture we bring a change in earth. We seekpermission and forgiveness for our actions that disturb the equilibrium of earth. The Vedas have special sutras and hymns to appease the various energies residing in the space. We chant the Veda Sutras to nullify any bad effects and to bring peace and prosperity. The puja will bring the blessings of the Earth and ensure a good result by eliminating the negativities. Performing this puja will ensure: • The smooth completion of the work • The well being of the people going to live in the property • In case of agricultural tasks, the crops will be huge in production Items in the kit: Ganga Jal, Sindhur, Paan Leaves, Lava (Dhaan), Panch Ratna, Kusha, Navgrah colours,  Naw ka Kil 4 pcs (Boat Kil), Silver Tortoise, Jhanda 5 Pcs, Janeu, Gold snake, Mitti ka Deepak, Supari,  NavGraha ki Lakadi, Tambe ka Lota, Jau,  Roli, Moli, Kapoor, Supari, Kala Til, Bhoj Patra, Hawan Samagri, Dhoop, Haldi Powder, Abir, Cotton Wicks, Match Box, Yellow Saraso, Honey, Lal kapada, Pila Kapada, Laung, Elaichi, Panchmewa. 
We have specialized team of Pandit ji for each Puja / Yajna.
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