Doob or Durva Grass

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Doob or Durva Grass
Doob is one of the essential grass in hindu Puja. It is especially an important offering when we perform Ganesh Puja. The Doob or Durva Grass consist of three blades which represents the three principles of primal Shiva , primal Shakti and Primal Ganesha. As per story of Durva Lord Ganesha declared that whoever worship him with Durva Grass will forever receive his blessings. The minimum number of Durva to be offered to Lord Ganesha Should be 21. Tie the  Durva together and offer them to Lord Ganesha after dipping into water. The entire idol of Lord Ganesha excluding the face should be covered with Durva. You should begin offering the Doob from the feet of the deity and then moving on to other parts.
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