Banaras Region: A Spiritual & Cultural Guide

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Banaras Region: A Spiritual & Cultural Guide
Summary: This book is the first compendium of cultural sites in and around Varanasi, written by two of the most renowned specialists of the city. It covers a very wide range of places and subjects and provides a huge quantity of information, being a veritable small encyclopaedia of the Banaras region.

Description: The first section includes Setting, Historical background, Religious landscape, Cosmogony, Festivities, Riverside landscape, and 7 detailed Area Walks along the ghats and the old city. Also included are the Panchakroshi pilgrimage, Ramanagar, Sarnath, the Jain and Muslim sacredscapes, etc. The second section `Around Banaras' covers the sites lying at less than 80 km, like Chunar, Ahraura, Lekhania, Vindhyachal, Kaithi, Shitala Dham, Jakhini, Bhadohi, Sitamarhi, Jaunpur, Chandraprabha and Kaimur Wild Life sanctuaries. The third part covers the places in the range of 100-300 km, like: Allahabad, Ayodhya, Chitrakut, Khajuraho, Mundeshvari, and many other places.
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