Ganga Lahari: The Flow of the Ganges

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Ganga Lahari: The Flow of the Ganges
Author: Panditaraja Jagannatha. Translated by Swami Avimukteswaranand Saraswati and Boris Marjanovic

Summary: Ganga Lahari is the most known poem in praise of Ganga. Panditraj Jagannath, displaying his immense scholarship and mastery of Sanskrit, wrote this stotra, presented here in Sanskrit, English and Hindi, which has become a symbol of the love of Indian culture for this river-goddess.

Description: Ganga signifies not just a mere stream of water but it stands for the numerous streams of Indian culture, the evolution and the eternal continuity f Indian civilization and the power to redeem the fallen. The visible Ganga is a flow of water, from the point of view of faith and philosophy she is the Goddess Makarasanastha, and at the transcendental level she is considered to be saccidananda-svarupa Brahmadravarupini.
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