A Buddhist Spectrum: Contributions to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue

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A Buddhist Spectrum: Contributions to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
Author: Marco Pallis

Marco Pallis was at once an incomparable authority on Buddhism,especially in its Tibetan form, a defender and protector of the Tibetan tradition in the West since the tragedies of 1951, a lover of nature and a mountain climber who first encountered Tibetan Buddhism while climbing Himalayan peaks in the 1920s, a profound student of other religions, especially Christianity, and a very accomplished musician... All of these concerns of Pallis are reflected in A Buddhist Spectrum. It is a Buddhist work on both religion as such and religions in their multiplicity. A major characteristic of the book is that it is concerned with the reality of Buddhism and not just a theoretical analysis of its ideas. A Buddhist Spectrum is a wise book while being thoroughly reliable from a scholarly point of view.: (Seyyed Hossein Nasr, George Washington University)Marco Pallis (1895-1990), author of Peaks and Lamas, is well known as an exponent of Buddhism and a writer of the traditionalist school.
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