DAILY PUJA KIT for 30 days

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DAILY PUJA KIT for 30 days
Puja is a Sanskrit word which means honor or worship. A daily Puja usually consist of a simple worship of offerings, such as an offering of food or fruit, dhoop, light and water followed by an aarti. Puja can be done in the home or in the temple.

Every Hindu home must have a personal Mandir at an appropriate place in the house. The heart of every Hindu home is its Mandir. The size and decoration of a household Mandir do not matter. Mandir may be large or small or even just a row of religious prints on a wall.

Daily Puja are the foundation of all family actions and decisions. By doing Puja, mind is calmed by the divine inspiration of God and is better able to ford through the days problems at work and home.

Some people say that one of their family members performs a Puja, so the rest have no need to do Puja. But it’s not true it’s just like can someone sleeps for us, can someone eat on our behalf or can someone quench our thirst by drink the water.

If it is not possible to perform Puja by every member of home then at least one member of the household perform daily Puja because presence of Gods or Goddesses in the home is believed to protect the family and to engender good fortune.

Daily Puja Kit (for 30 days) contains:-
Roli, Chandan Powder, Bhasm, Sindoor, Match Box, Steel Diya stand, Batti, Ghee, Mishree, Dhoop.
₹ 350.00

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